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Free Tips – How to design a good title for your post?

As we know, all the main search engines were attach importances to post title, and it is the most important item on your page. And also, most of search engines shown post title on the searched results, and this make the post title becomes more important.

(for exmaple in Google, result shown as Techblogy >> Achieves >> How to design a good title for your post?) So, it is so meaningful for blogger to spend some time to design/think about the BEST title for every post you publish, as this can lead more traffic to your page.

Firstly, let us figure out how important a post title is? We might as well make some simple search and observe the searched result. For example we search “how to define a good blog”. And this is the order of top 7 results:

#1 All about to become a proffesional blogger.

#2 Untititled


#4 Do You Want To Become A Problogger?

Which of the titles above attracting you? See the #1 one, the blogger claimed that he/she is the professional blogger. But see the spelling error (professional becomes proffesional). You really think he/she is pro?

#2 even do not provide any title. You think “clever” people will waste time to click for a view? #3 and #4 were provided title, but with every letter and every word begin with capital cases, respectively. This is not a good way to put a title, because is difficult to read, especially the #3 one.

Let’s us see the following results:

#5 Do you want to have a good blog?

#6 21 ways to become a problogger.

#7 Free tips on writing a good blog.

When you see the titles of #5 to #7, will you skip the first 4 searches, and tempted to click the #5, #6 and #7 results for a look? From psychological views, Yes! Why?

For #5, when we put a title in questionary form, it directly and indirectly will attract reader’s attention. In direct way, when people have a desire to know how a good blog is, your title shows an offer to them.

As though, you are stretch out a helping hand to their desire. Indirectly way, you are telling them that you have answers about good blog. Even though if one is not looking for a good blog, he/she will also have curiousness to “have a look” what is this article about.

For #6, sound similar like “21 days to learn ASP”, “Learning C++ in 7 days”, “7 steps to become millionaire”, and etc. Why is this type of title will bring attention to readers? The answer is “promise”. This type of titles directly give you a promise. “21 days to learn ASP” means you can handling ASP after 21 days IF you follow this book.

This is a promise. “7 steps to become millionaire”, sound like you will become a millionaire after you read and follow the 7 steps in this book. We know it is not true, or unrealistic, but we attracted by the “promise” and buy the book. After 3 days, you might throw the book :P . Therefore, 21 ways to become a problogger, attracting poeple with promises.

Lastly, #7, using the most powerful word in the world, FREE. From Kea’s experience, when you put a word “free” in your title, your posts reading rate will increase apparently. Everyone love free stuff, although we knew “no free lunch” principle. :P again. As reader, we can return our appreciation to the author by clicking “appropriate” ads on his/her blog, as support. Remember, no free lunch. :P

Now, you know how important to write a “good title” in attractive and psychological ways for your posts. Here is a summary about the ways to design a good post title:

1. Including some attractive and sensation words in your title. Examples are: breakthrough, how to, announcing, and revealing. Avoid over-used words and adjectives. Includes some keywords will be better.

2. Using the power of question. When you ask a question, readers may pause and think for the answer. This will lead to more traffic to your site when reader want to compare their answer with yours. (refer #5)

3. To make a title easier to read, put only first letter of title in capital case. Other all in low case.

4. Design your title in short, cold, understood way, alike the ads title.

5. Design your title sounds that your page can solve problem or offering helps. (refer #6 and #7)

6. Make sure you put a title for every post.

Things to be avoid when designing a title:

1. Do not design your title as a serial of keyword. This will not help in SEO, and un-professional.

2. Do not use some complicated words. Easy and understood words is the best.

3. Do not put capital case for every word or letter, as reader may misinterpreted that you are angry on him.

4. Do not use keyword repeatly in your title.

5. Do not intend to put AAA, or numeric word in front your title. This will not lead to higher position in searched result.

6. Do not use passive sentence. Use active sentence instead.

Kea’s two cents: As you’ve spend time to write a long article, why not spend few more moment to design a good post title. A good title will lead to high traffic to your page, even your post not at the first position of searched result. From Kea’s experience, most reader will only read 1-2 page(s) of searched result. If your page ranking is not too bad, then position is not too important. An attractive title will be more significant.

Shahadat Ali is a Software Engineer. He loves the latest technology as well as Digital Marketing. Also, He Loves to Write about the latest and upcoming technologies and Gadgets. His hobby is to travel around the world and learn new things.


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