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How to Increase Your Google Adsense Download Speed?

Most of the time you may noticed that, google adsense will only load after your webpage being fully download, right?

For those readers who are using high speed ADSL, of course is not a problem for them to see adsense on your page. But how about those using dial-up, or normal broadband? You hope them to see your ads?

Time=Money, the high speed of adsense loaded on your page may increase your income,direct and indirectly. Before your page been downloaded, your adsense already appeared on your readers’ view. Will this become more attractive? Of course YES ! But, how?

All you need to do is add you adsense code in between the code as shown below:

<div id=”googlead” width=”X” height=”Y”></div>

<!– X and Y’s value must follow adsense ads size, google_ad_width and google_ad_height–>

<div id=”googleadcode” style=”display:none”>

<!–Put your adsense code here–>


<script language=”javascript”>

if(document.all.item(”googlead”) != null)


googlead.innerHTML = googleadcode.innerHTML;



Hope this will help you all. Happy adsensing.

Shahadat Ali is a Software Engineer. He loves the latest technology as well as Digital Marketing. Also, He Loves to Write about the latest and upcoming technologies and Gadgets. His hobby is to travel around the world and learn new things.


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